Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Limes light up dishes

If oranges and lemons tend to hog the limelight then it’s not because limes lack bite. The lime has a stronger more sour taste than lemon and is a dynamic little culinary catalyst.

It is mainly used for its juice in Asian curries or, along with its zest, as a marinade or salsa for fish and chicken. In ceviches it effectively “cooks” the raw seafood.

Use the juice to make a refreshing sorbet with mint and a splash of vodka, or to liven up icing on a cupcake. Lime juice muddled with brown sugar syrup, rum, soda and spearmint makes a mojito or, for a more crude cocktail, stick a wedge in the top of an ice cold bottle of Mexican beer.
The sourness in limes provides a great foil to sweet dishes: for example, in Florida’s famous Key lime pie where it partners crushed Digestive biscuits and condensed milk, or in a sponge pudding topped with lime curd and mascarpone.

Choose limes that are firm and heavy for their size, and have a glossy, deep green skin – the colour indicates that they are at the peak of their zingy tartness.


gastroanthropologist said...

Love limes... I like squeezing fresh lime over grilled chicken, nearly everything Mexican, and my favorite drink - the gimlet. Fresh lime juice only though, never, never, never the bottled stuff!

Deelish said...

I love limes-- all citrus actually. But I squeeze limes over everything. They make anything better.

That photo of the smoked haddock looks amazing. I went to Scotland over the holidays and had a ton of it. Delicious!

Almost Vegetarian said...

I adore limes. And the limes I adore the most are key limes. Sure, they are small (and expensive) but they have the most amazing flavor.

Okay. Now I have a craving for key lime pie. Where's my rolling pin?


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